These beautiful stars are available for purchase.  You can receive 3 for only $18.00 including shipping.

To order, make checks payable to TBIPS and send with form to:

Dora Glinn, 90 Dora Drive, Middletown, CT 06457

Morton Blumenthal is an advisor to Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society (TBIPS) in Danielson, Connecticut and a proud member of Temple Rodeth Torah (TRT) of Marlboro, New Jersey. He lost his loving wife Joyce on December 28, 2010 after 57 years of marriage.   Mort wanted to make the unveiling and subsequent visits to the cemetery more meaningful. He developed the “We Remember” Stars of David. Rabbi Shira Stern of TRT Hebrew School took this on as a fundraiser for the Hebrew School. Subsequently, TBIPS undertook the sale of the stars as a fundraiser (order form enclosed). Those who have used the stars and left a personal message on the back have special warm feelings during and after their visit. This honors the Jewish custom of leaving a stone on the grave of a loved one. All this while at the same time giving tzedakah! 

Yesh Kochavim (There are Stars)

By Hannah Senesh

There are stars up above so far away we only see their light

Long, long after the star itself is gone

And so it is with people that we loved

Their memories keep shining

Ever brightly though their time with us is done

But the stars that light up the darkest night

These are the lights that guide us

As we live our days these are the ways we remember, we remember

As we live our days these are the ways we remember, we remember

Hannah Senesh was born in Hungary. She was a paratrooper trained to rescue Jews during the Holocaust. At the age of 23, she was captured and killed by the Nazis.