Each year at this time I am flooded with fond memories of this time of the year – I recall a sense of new beginnings.  I remember during my youth on the farm in Moosup – feeling regret about the summer coming to an end, but also starting to think about the promise of the New Year.

As we enjoy these beautiful (and slightly cooler) August days leading to the Jewish High Holidays, I want to share (again) some thoughts based on a message some years ago from my Chabad rabbi, Mendy Uminer:

We are free to make changes in our lives every day of the year, but the Hebrew month of Elul is a time when the spiritual atmosphere itself is a proactively helpful force, beckoning us to think about and improve our lives.  God is much more palpably present, subtly encouraging us in our reflection, smilingly and lovingly cheering us on.

When we pause for a moment from life’s many distractions and turn to matters spiritual, those Elul breezes we’ll fee may be God’s hug.

Of course, a breeze is just a breeze, and – ultimately – the most important things in life are our choices.  At the same time, certain breezes can put us in a better place, creating an opportunity for enriching our lives.  

For the next month, the winds of change will be at our backs.  This can be a time of inspiration. Sometimes it may be as subtle as a faint breeze, but it’s always perceptible if we’re spiritually alert.  

Let’s savor those August breezes and be stirred by them.  I’m looking forward to the Holidays and to sharing them with you.