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Programs at Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society

 Our programs are designed to enrich appreciation of cultural, religious and social differences. These programs include fresh and contemporary celebrations of ancient rituals, interfaith celebrations and educational programs addressing the dangers of prejudice, racism and bystander indifference.

Bystander Intervention Education in Our Schools – Lessons of the Holocaust

lessons of the holocaust

Holocaust Remembrance Day – 2015

Employing methods similar to the renowned “Facing History and Ourselves” model, TBI PS members share their personal stories of surviving the Holocaust or growing up a children of survivors. Speakers use their personal stories to talk with young people about the importance of making informed choices and the dangers of indifference. This program has served over 25 schools and community organizations.

It has reached over 1,500 audience members, mostly students and young people.

“Son of Holocaust Survivors Speaks at Woodstock Academy.”
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Interfaith Community
Passover Seder

seder2015-sized While firmly rooted in the ancient ritual, we take a fresh look at the celebration of freedom while honoring the ongoing struggles for freedom throughout the world. This year we will celebrate our sixth annual Interfaith Community Passover Seder. This celebration of freedom and spring is designed as an inclusive and universal ritual and draws enthusiastic participation by members of many local churches.

We use an innovative [Haggadah] which is revised every year to reflect contemporary struggles for freedom.

The Jewish High Holidays – A New Approach

We celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with a full array of provocative and innovative services that preserve the traditional elements but add community participation and contemporary music, reflections, poetry and prayer. As with the Passover observance, we have designed observances that speak to our lives today and provide time, space and stimulation for self-reflection and renewed commitment to engage in the work of enriching our lives and the lives of those around us. Here are supplements from our 2015 observances.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

For sixty years, Temple Beth Israel has partnered with the Federated Church of Christ in Brooklyn to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Click here for description.

Annual Chanukah Celebration