The Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society is here today because our parents, grandparents
and great grandparents fled persecution and discrimination and found sanctuary in America.
We are fortunate that our families were welcomed to this country and the Danielson
community. We know, however, that America’s history of racism and segregation and injustice
remain sources of great pain and are a blemish on the promise of a free and just society.

We grieve the loss of George Floyd and so many others whose names we know and so many
more who are unknown to us. We firmly believe that America’s racial and religious diversity is
its strength and that we are weakened by our failure to appreciate, respect and celebrate that

Our mission at the Preservation Society is bound up with the fight for tolerance and
civil rights and against discrimination and racism. WE STAND with all who grieve. Today, we
renew our commitment to confront injustice and to continue to work for a more just and
beautiful world.
Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society
Danielson, CT
June 2, 2020